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Suffer An Injury At Work?

If you have been injured at work, one of the first thoughts that goes through your head is, "How can I pay my bills and provide for my family?" If you are not working, you know you are not making money and won't be able to pay your bills. But don't panic. Attorney Julio Cesar Román can help you.

While any injury is unfortunate, being injured in New York means you are protected by some of the strictest worker protection laws in the nation. Even if you may have been at fault for some part of your injury, you are still entitled to compensation if your employer or a "third-party" such as a general or sub-contractor or building owner was also negligent.

Worried About Immigration Status?


It is critical to know that your right to compensation is not dependent on your immigration status. If you are undocumented, have a visa or a green card or are in the U.S. for any reason, the workers' compensation laws in New York protect your rights to medical care and compensation for your workplace injuries. You also have the right to bring a lawsuit for your injuries if someone other than your employer was responsible for you accidental injury.

New York Construction Site Injuries

New York workers are protected by Labor Law Section 240, which makes employers and owners almost strictly liable for injuries suffered by workers from falls from a roof, ladder or scaffold, if the contractor, employer or owner failed the law's requirement to maintain a safe workplace.

This law means that in many cases, a worker is entitled to compensation for injuries even if he or she was at fault or negligent. To obtain the compensation this law provides, you want to speak with our lawyer at The Román Law Firm, which is associated with Jaroslawicz & Jaros, which has recovered over $1 Billion dollars over the past 45 years. Our lawyer has the skills and resources needed and will aggressively work to protect your rights and obtain your compensation.

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